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Opportunity Discovery Day Seminar

With the multitude of aspiring entrepreneurs seeking for startup funding today, finding the right fit for our Nova New Venture Grant has been more important. At the discovery day, we emphasize what it takes to get enrolled into the Mentor Nigeria Academy.

At the Academy, we take young entrepreneurs and aspiring ones through 40 modules of training and practical hands-on experience on how to start a business in Nigeria, secure funding and scale the business into a profitable venture to help transform themselves into Entrepreneur Millionaires.

But while they learn, we plug them into our existing businesses where we hope they will raise over 6 million in revenue. This we believe will be enough for them to start their business and proof their concept before connecting them to our investors.

Join us as we train the next batch of Entrepreneur Millionaires. Register to attend our seminar.

Why You Need a Business Mentor

Results show that entrepreneurs who use mentors reap the benefits of growing their businesses every year.



80% Of Businesses Fail In Their First 5 Years - Over A 10 Year Period 24 Out Of 25 (96%) Businesses Fail.



89% of small business owners who didn’t have a mentor wish that they did.



84% of successful CEOs said that mentors had helped them avoid fatal mistakes



Mentored businesses increased revenue by 83%; 5 times better than businesses without a mentor.

Together, we can achieve more

Mentor Nigeria leverages the power of business mentorship to help ambitious minds to transform themselves into millionaire entrepreneurs.

With over a decade experience in international business development and the passion to touch young lives, our sole mission is to help aspiring entrepreneurs to start their businesses, earn while learning how to do this, support them to create a business model that is Scalable, Repeatable and Profitable and finally, link them to the right investors.

Or connect them to our Business Growth Grant.

Our platform allows aspiring entrepreneurs and our business growth mentors to connect and create businesses that will thrive.

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Our Beliefs


The path to sustainable development begins when the next generation can easily access quality business mentorship that will enable them to startup and grow their businesses.


That by giving people access to tools and funds that will enable them to grow their businesses, we can help them to transform themselves into successful entrepreneur millionaires.


We can help young startups and entrepreneurs to thrive by providing continual business supports that will enable them to scale their businesses and develop their full potential.

How We Work


We believe that learning should be fun.

Our mentorship program is built upon an education model known as Earn-While-You-Learn. Instead of charging tuition for our mentorship program, we give every Nigerian the opportunity to key into an already successful business model where we hope they will raise for themselves over 6 million in revenue annually.

This we believe will enable them to provide the initial round of funding to start their businesses before linking them up to investors or connecting them to our business growth grants.

As a result of these, Mentor Nigeria attracts both working professionals and high-achieving college graduates.

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