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…Offering young adults, the opportunity to hone an exportable skill that pays in dollars and helps them to secure a job that enables them to immigrate to a foreign country…

This training and mentorship program is created to help you develop the twenty-first-century skills that will enable you to secure a virtual job that pays in foreign currency and ultimately show you how to immigrate through a work permit visa and have a successful professional life…


We believe that learning should be fun

This program is built upon a validated education model known as Earn-As-You-Learn. Instead of charging tuition for our skills development and mentorship program, we allow every young adult to earn money sufficient to pay back their tuition fee and much more while learning critical exportable 21st-century career skills and acquiring the experience to function and become successful service professionals within any modern economy.

Our Process:

Classroom Learning

Internship & Mentorship

Apply for Virtual Work & or Work Permit Visa


Determine the exportable skill you want to acquire, register and pay to learn the skill. Our dynamic 5-Day training gives you what you exactly need to get off to a flying start. Just join the dots by following the simple step-by-step process. It includes all the training, tools and materials you’ll require to quickly start your journey to expertise and wealth. Our only aim is to get you out there, start you off on the journey to becoming a successful professional and teach you how to start earning the income that will support you on the road to developing the skills and experience required to relocate to a foreign country on work permit visa or serve a foreign company while in Nigeria.
Below are the available skills you can pick from and learn at the moment:

Virtual Assistant Skills Development Masterclass

Clients are eager to hire virtual assistants who bring a wide variety of strong skills to the table. In this course, you will learn how to start and grow a successful Virtual Assistant career, so you can work from home and have more of a work-life balance.

Duration: 15 Learning Hours

Customer Service, Customer Support, And Customer Experience Masterclass

Great customer skills training is the key to success! With the right customer service skills, you have the power to create positive customer service experiences, build customer loyalty, and advance your career.

Duration: 40 Learning Hours

Professional Selling Skills Masterclass

This course is designed to teach the skills that enable you to become a Sales Professional and the major focus is to teach you sales and marketing skills and how to help businesses to increase leads and boost conversion.

Duration: 30 Learning Hours

Telemarketing/Telesales Skills Development Masterclass

This course teaches all you need to know to succeed in telephone sales and start a new lucrative career as a Telephone Account Manager. This course is for you if you want a career in telesales and telemarketing. It will teach you how to create effective relationships with new clients and existing customers.

Duration: 25 Learning Hours

How to Search for Jobs that Pays in Dollar

During this workshop, we share with you a background of how to search for and apply for virtual or on-site jobs that pay in dollar. Your job is to apply for any job that you feel is relevant to your education and work experience and prepare yourself for an interview if you are considered for the job.

Duration: 12 Learning Hours

Immigration via Sponsored Job and Work Permit Visa

Before you can apply for a work permit as a foreign worker, you need to first secure a job from a foreign employer. The employer must prove that they advertised a job on at least three (3) different public platforms and that the adverts are going on for a minimum of four (4) weeks.

Duration: 8 Learning Hours


Join the MentorNigeria Earn-As-You-Learn internship program to acquire the necessary work experience required to become proficient in your chosen field and also obtain a reference letter that will enable you to secure your dream job in any foreign company and your chosen foreign destination.

During the internship program, you will have the opportunity to earn while learning to become proficient.


Apply for virtual work that pays in the dollar while working from Nigeria or apply for a foreign job that offers a work permit visa that enables immigration into the foreign destination of interest.

Why You Need to Join Mentor Nigeria  ‘EARN-AS-YOU-LEARN’ Internship Program:

Research has consistently shown that entrepreneurs who use mentors can avoid growth pitfalls and are positioned to reap the benefits of developing critical expertise that enable them to grow their career every year.



83% of mentored entrepreneurs increased revenue 5x better than non-mentored ones. 



According to Forbes, 80% Of Businesses Fail in Their First 5 Years – Over 10 years, 24 Out Of 25 (96%) Businesses Fail… WHY? Their financing or enthusiasm, or both, dries up. 



89% of small business owners who didn’t have a mentor wish that they did. 

Together, we can achieve more

Mentor Nigeria leverages the power of learning and mentorship to help ambitious minds to transform themselves into professional service providers.

With over a decade of experience in career development and a passion to touch young lives, our sole mission is to help aspiring young adults learn professional skills, earn while learning how to do this, support them to export their skills and create a plan for massive success.

Our platform allows our trainees and mentees to connect with organisations at home and abroad and create successful work relationships that will make them thrive.

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