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Mentor Nigeria is owned by TreNova Academy,  a leading capability development organization.

The company is based in Lagos, with 15+ years of experience in providing individuals and organizations with training and growth support systems for up-scaling their revenue, profit, and overall capacity.

Simply put, Trenova Academy has over 15+ years of experience closing deals with over 18k+ organizations seeking capability improvement systems across Nigeria.

The Company stands out as a cutting-edge career and skills development center that specializes in core areas that are rarely taught in Nigeria such as –

  1. Telesales and Telemarketing
  2. Virtual Assistant
  3. Selling Skills
  4. Customer Service Systems
  5. Training and Seminars Development
  6. Foreign Job Search
  7. Immigration and Relocation Process

We train, mentor, and certify young adults, recent graduates and also entry-level marketers. Our courses are accessible both online and offline, and are designed with a unique earn-as-you-learn system where learners can apply for paid internships and get jobs.


Mentor Nigeria is led by a dedicated team of professionals who bring their expertise and experience to drive our vision and mission. Meet our CEO, Samuel Ajayi, who provides strategic direction and leadership to the company.

With over 20 years of experience in Business Growth, Career Development, Sales and Telemarketing, and is a visionary leader who has played a pivotal role in the success of Trenova, and now Mentor Nigeria.

Samuel Ajayi, Group CEO



R = Respect

I = Integrity

S = Significance

E = Excellence

We believe the path to sustainable development begins when everyone, especially the next generation, can easily access quality business and career mentorship that will enable them to start and upscale into exciting careers and ideas.


Our job is to help aspiring young adults fill the knowledge gap, create an exciting career, create the right business structure, create a partnership that works, develop excellent business models, and connect the successful ones to export their skills to foreign economy where they can earn in dollars and achieve their full potential in record time.

We also provide advanced adults and mid-level professionals with a platform to technologically upscale their in a world where technology is king.


To achieve this, we work with both national and international partners to tackle critical issues in three program areas.

  1. Human Capacity Development: we help bridge the skills gap among aspiring young adults by offering opportunities to earn while learning in a modular training program designed to teach how to become a successful professional, start, scale and make a business profitable.


2. Business Support Services: we provide mentorship and connect them to opportunities that will enable them to achieve their career and entrepreneurial  goals and develop to their full potential.


“Helping Africans become prosperous by providing effective solutions for accelerated growth”.


“We envision an Africa where any child, anywhere has the power to transform their life through access to high-quality career success education and affordable business growth and wealth creation platforms”.

In achieving this, we shall grow the company to become the most successful Learning Support, Content Publisher, Career Enhancement and Business Growth Consulting Organization in Africa, make the company a great place to work for our employees and do everything necessary to satisfy our customers.’’

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