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Mentor Nigeria is a Business Support, Business Development, Business Capitalisation, and Entrepreneurial Skills Development Organisation. It is a business model that focuses on capacity development, business development, and business support services.

The company is founded to raise entrepreneur millionaires across Africa by helping in developing entrepreneurial capacity, mentorship services, and the creation of scalable, repeatable, and profitable business models.

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The path to sustainable development begins when the next generation can easily access quality business mentorship that will enable them to start and grow their businesses.



That by giving people access to tools and connect them with investors that will enable them to grow their businesses, we can help them to transform themselves into successful entrepreneur millionaires.



That we can help young startups and entrepreneurs to thrive by providing continual business supports that will enable them to scale their businesses and develop their full potential.


Our job is to help aspiring entrepreneurs fill the knowledge gap, create the right business structure, create a partnership that works, develop excellent business models, and connect the successful ones to investors that will enable them to achieve their full potential in record time.

To achieve the above, we work with both national and international partners to tackle critical issues in three program areas.

  • Human Capacity Development: we help bridge the entrepreneurial skills’ gap among aspiring and young entrepreneurs by giving them the opportunity to earn-while-learning in a modular training program designed to teach how to start, scale and make a business profitable.
  • Business Development: create scalable, repeatable and profitable business models and offer the nova business incubating system as a platform for young Nigerians as a starting point in their journey to become entrepreneur millionaires. 

Business Support Services: we provide business mentorship and connect startups to funding necessary to achieve their entrepreneurial goals and develop to their full potentials.

We work with passionate, ambitious and inspired young Nigerians who are motivated to dive into the world of entrepreneurship and willing to learn and be mentored by experienced professionals.

Mentor Nigeria is owned by TreNova Ltd. The company is a member of an international business and personal development consulting organization that operates in 26 countries, spread across 4 major continents including the UK, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Portugal, India, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and the USA among others. We have been in business for more than 12 years and we have trained over 15,000 school leaders in Nigeria and more than 5,000 SME leaders across various sectors. 

TreNova creates and sells businesses; provides training and business grant; publish learning support contents and deploys the NOVA business Acceleration System and Alchemy low-cost business development methods that are proven and time tested to quickly build the business, scale-up sales, increase turnover and profits to support small business owners.

We also partners, consults with small and medium-sized enterprises and offer astute business owners, directors, professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs a fresh, unique and dynamic approach to business.  

All our Consultants are qualified and veteran ‘been there, done that’ professionals who have ‘walked the talk’. Within the group, members work together to leverage their combined experience, aided by Nova’s huge repository of tools, training and expertise, to produce better and more certain outcomes for their respective businesses and themselves.

In development, over 3,400 marketing campaigns, ads, sales methods and business improvement systems were scrutinized and examined.

“We are helping Africans become prosperous by providing effective solutions for accelerated growth.

In achieving this, we shall grow the company to become the most successful Learning Support Content Publisher and Business/ Personal Development Organisation in Africa, make the company a great place to work for our employees and do everything necessary to satisfy our customers, or they pay nothing.’’

“To raise the largest number of entrepreneur millionaires in Africa’’

The Nova Business Acceleration System- An Effective and Affordable Methods to Business Growth…

Quite simply, our business is to provide the support and platform that will help you grow your business, using the Nova Business Acceleration System. That’s what we do, and most of our consultants and mentors have been successfully helping and developing small and medium-sized businesses, just like yours, for many years.

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