About US

We are TreNova Ltd

  • TreNova Ltd is a leading business development and marketing consulting organisation.

  • The company is founded to raise entrepreneur millionaires across Africa through provision of Business Grant, Training Platforms and Mentoring Services and publishing of learning support platforms for private primary and secondary schools across Nigeria.

  • We owned TreNova Academy and deliver our entrepreneurship support and learning support services through Nova Capital, Nova Creative Network and Nova Custom Publishing.


‘Nova’ is an English word and literally means ‘a star that suddenly becomes much brighter’. In recent times some interpret it as ‘reach for the stars’. Either way, this bold phrase encompasses the vision, credo and purpose of TreNova Group.

The company, TreNova Ltd is a member of an International business growth consulting organisation, offering astute business executives, owners, directors and professionals a fresh, unique and dynamic approach to business in 26 countries spread across 4 major continents including the UK., Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Portugal, India, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and USA among others.

We have been in business for 10 years and we have trained over 10,000 school leaders in Nigeria and more than 2,000 SME leaders across various sectors. We have made our reputation by making our customers good money for every service provided otherwise they pay nothing.

Within the group, members work together to leverage their combined experience, aided by Nova’s huge repository of tools, training and expertise, to produce better and more certain outcomes for their respective businesses and themselves.

  • All our Consultants are qualified and veteran ‘been there, done that’ professionals who have ‘walked the talk’.

  • In development, over 3,400 marketing campaigns, ads, sales methods and business improvement systems were scrutinised and examined.

  • TreNova partners & consults with small and medium sized enterprises and uses the Nova Business Acceleration Program that is proven and time tested to quickly build sales, turnover and profits.

The Nova Business Acceleration Programme- An Effective and Affordable Methods to Business Growth…

  • 16 Instant Cash Strategies – You will gain rapid results for your business from our instant ‘Revenue Maximisers’ – We put these into immediate effect to gain fast results for your business!

  • 70 Business Growth Principles – These underlying ‘unfair advantage’ concepts are utilised to accelerate your business into permanent high performance mode.

  • 7 Quantum Growth Multipliers – You achieve exponential growth by the understanding and use of these powerful ‘Growth Keys’.

  • 444 Marketing Strategies – The most powerful and appropriate strategies are implemented to optimize your sales and leverage your business from Nova’s encyclopaedic reference source.

  • 46 Step Project Management – Nova’s Tool Box of continuous business improvements helps to create permanent, positive and profitable change into your business.

Quite simple, our business is to provide the support and platform that will help you grow your business, using the Nova Business Acceleration System. That’s what we do, and most of our consultants and mentors have been successfully helping and developing small and medium sized businesses, just like yours, for many years.

Our Core Values

R = Respect

I = Integrity

S = Significance

E = Excellence


“To raise the largest number of entrepreneur millionaires in Africa’’


“We help Africans to become prosperous by providing effective solutions for accelerated growth.

In achieving this, we shall grow the company to become the most successful business support organisation in Africa, make the company a great place to work for our employees and do everything necessary to satisfy our customers, or they pay nothing.’’


TreNova Ltd,

7B Ogusiji Close, Off Allen,

Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria