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Passion is a critical ingredient to your business success. What do you do when you lose your passion for business and how can you get it back?


Starting your entrepreneurship journey can at first be very exciting. But as the days go by, you tend to lose some of that much needed spark. The day-to-day stresses, monotony and challenges involved with running a business can begin to weigh you down. Not to mention the constant worries over money, sourcing for production materials, hiring good employees and acquiring new customers.  

As if that is not enough stress, the challenges of running a business in Nigeria also gives the business owner additional heart- and head- ache. Challenges such as poor power supply, poor road infrastructure, high taxes, bad economic policies, poor market structure etc. 

Without passion, you become joyless, listless, overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted, pessimistic and burnt out.

Passion is critical to your entrepreneurial success. It is what motivates you to start a business and it is what sustains you when the going gets tough. And, believe me, it will get tough. Passion is what drives you; what energizes you; what motivates you. Its role in business success cannot be overemphasized.

Tips to sustain passion for your business

Passion among starting entrepreneurs tends to fade over time. Every entrepreneur goes through this phase. For some, long periods of time and for most, more than once. Don’t despair. You can regain that spark by following these few simple tips:

  • Have a healthy work-life balance. Don’t make work your entire life and overwork yourself to an early grave. Take time off the business, to do the things you love, what makes you happy and relaxed; the things that have absolutely nothing to do with your business. When you get back to work, your business will benefit because you are happier, more relaxed and full of energy.
  • Set goals, priorities and a daily to do list to help you focus and prioritize on what’s important. Having clear goals will help keep you organized.
  • Don’t micromanage, however tempting it is. Learn to delegate and trust your employees to carry out their responsibilities, so that you can reduce your workload and stress.
  • Make time to rest, exercise and eat a healthy diet. These combined will do a lot for your energy and dopamine (feel good hormone) levels. 
  • Accept work projects that interests and excites you. This will help boost your spark for your business. 
  • Do you hate doing some necessary tasks and processes that your business entails? Stop doing them and delegate them to someone else or outsource them or even, automate them. Using productivity and automation tools to handle monotonous or stressful task will increase your productivity. Taking this step will give you more time to focus on the tasks that you love and are good at, reduce your workload and take the stress off you.
  • Remind yourself of your vision for your business and focus on what excites you about your business. Why you started the business in the first place and use that to guide you when you have lost your passion.
  • Resist self-doubt and self-pity. These two negative emotions can dampen your spirit and cause you to give up. One effective way to overcome these is by being grateful daily and optimistic for the future. Focus on how far you have come and how much you have learnt. Count your blessings every day.
  • Find a mentor. It doesn’t matter how long you have been in business; you can have a mentor during any stage of being a business owner. A mentor can provide you timely advice, useful connections, practical solutions and tips on how you can get back up because they’ve been there themselves.


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