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Looking for money to start your business? This article looks at effective ways of getting funding for your business in Nigeria.


You are not the only one troubled with the thoughts of how to get a loan to start a business in Nigeria. Just like a lot of other young and aspiring entrepreneurs in Nigeria, you think you’ve reached a dead end. But no, you haven’t!

I am here to show you an effective way to get funding to start up that dream business of yours. You also get the privilege to watch your business bloom.

Isn’t that sweet?

This opportunity is one of a kind, so you have to be attentive.

The problems of starting a business in Nigeria

As a new entrepreneur operating your business in Nigeria, you are faced with several challenges – unstable power supply, poorly developed transport infrastructure, harsh government policies, a multiplicity of taxes, insecurity and the list goes on – that’s why many new businesses in Nigeria struggle to survive.

These challenges shouldn’t discourage you. But you don’t want to venture into the business world ill-equipped and without guidance.

We can help you overcome this stressful business environment and build a thriving business…

Only if you continue reading…

What are the available sources of funding for entrepreneurs in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, there are a lot of reliable sources to get funding for your business.

As a young entrepreneur, you have the following options available to you, for business funding capital:

  • Seeking bank loans– A lot of young entrepreneurs use this option of business funding and it is quite reliable.
  • Finding angel investors– On the right platform, you can meet an Angel Investor who sees potential in your business. But it’s not always that easy.
  • Soliciting the help of family and friends– Your family and friends are there to help you in difficult times. But what if they can’t provide enough?
  • Crowdfunding– This is a great means to get a loan to start a business. Maybe, you might get lucky and get a number of people willing to pool their money together to fund your business. But what if you don’t?
  • Seeking investments from venture capitalists– This involves going through an intensive selection process. This funding opportunity demands a lot from you.
  • Applying for business grants– You must have heard of business grants. A way to get funding to start your business easily. This is what we are offering to you.


you might want to understand what a business grant is:

A business grant is a sum of money given to a startup to help them start and grow their business. To get a grant in Nigeria, you have to earn it.

So, if you are a highly motivated young entrepreneur with a good business idea and you think you’ve got what it takes to win a business grant, then continue reading…

This might just be the chance you have been waiting for.

Nova New Venture Grant for Young and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Have you heard of the Nova New Venture Grant for Young and Aspiring Entrepreneurs?

All your ‘Google-ing’ on “How can I get grants for my small business” or “Where can I get a business grant in Nigeria?” is over. You are in the right place.

What is Nova New Venture Grant?

The Nova New Venture Grant is a business grant issued by Mentor Nigeria – a subsidiary of Trenova Ltd – a member of an international business development consulting organization. This organization is operational in over 26 countries in 4 major continents.

Mentor Nigeria offers funding in the form of business grants to highly motivated Nigerians who show great business potentials. The grant offered is worth N6 million!

Our mission at Mentor Nigeria is to transform 100 young and aspiring entrepreneurs into millionaire-entrepreneurs, yearly, through business skills training classes, mentorship services, and business support programs.  

We also allow these young and aspiring entrepreneurs to retain total control over their business and team. This is possible due to our “no equity” policy.

But to apply for this grant, you have to be qualified. This means that you must have completed our tuition-free classes at the Mentor Nigeria Academy and participated in our salesmanship program.

These activities were developed to help you Earn-While-You-Learn. If you exhibit promise in earning while you learn, then you are eligible to compete for this grant.

If you read up to this point, then you must have a real interest in this grant.

Now, let’s look at how to get this grant.

How to Get the Nova New Venture Grant

First of all, you have to register for the Nova Grant Opportunity Discovery Day Seminar, to be held at Ikeja, Lagos. The registration fee is a mere N7500, compared to the benefits you get to enjoy.

In the seminar, you are briefed on how to win the N6 million grant coupled with the N6 million assisted business income. This seminar lasts for only 3 hours, enough time for you to make up your mind!

Well, the main thing, which is the registration to join the Mentor Nigeria Academy, comes after the seminar. You are to fill the registration form presented to you to indicate your interest to be part of the academy.

It gets more interesting…

Remember, as mentioned earlier, the academy is free!

In the academy, you get to spend three months working and learning in two existing businesses owned by Trenova Ltd. Young entrepreneurs like you are trained on how to start-up and run a business, effectively.

Your struggle for a better future begins when you get enrolled into the academy. If you can prove that you can earn N6 million within the cause of training, then you qualify for the N6 million grant.

Easy enough…

If you think you have got what it takes, secure a seat at the Nova Grant Opportunity Discovery Day Seminar, now.

Don’t forget to download your ticket (which is to be brought for the seminar) from Flutterwave.

Apply now for this business grant and join the league of leading business owners in Nigeria.

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