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Find out the 7 most common bad excuses to overcome if you are thinking of starting that dream business in 2020.

Thinking of Starting a business in 2020? Here are 7 Most Common Bad Excuses to Overcome 1

Starting a business is not an easy thing to do. A lot of aspiring entrepreneurs are stuck in a dilemma. They don’t know when or how to start their dream business.

Are you one of them?

You might have been giving yourself excuses, and seeing only ways your dreams can’t be actualized.

Then, this article is for you.

In it, I have highlighted the 7 most common of these bad excuses, which you have to overcome.

This is 2020, and it is a year you ought to be fearless and bold in achieving your dreams. You can start up that business of yours this year…

…if you continue reading.

7 most common bad excuses to overcome if you want to start your business this year

  • ”I don’t like marketing!”

Truth be told, not many people like marketing.

But the truth is every business needs sales and marketing to grow and make money. Without marketing, you can’t sell your products or services. Without marketing, your business wouldn’t even exist.

The goal of every business is to make money and you need marketing to achieve that goal.

  • “What if I fail?”

Who isn’t afraid of something in this world? You might have been planning for years to begin a business, but your fears keep hindering you.

Fear is common to every human. And most successful entrepreneurs were once afraid like you. But what set them apart is their reaction to that fear.

Failing is not such a bad thing if you have learned how to fail forward.

Do you know what failure is?

…Not believing that you can succeed.

Failure should be seen as a road to take when traveling towards success. No successful entrepreneur made success in just one try.

Don’t be afraid to fail!

Learn your lessons and apply them on your road to success. You’ve got this. This is your year.

  • “I have poor communication skills”

Communication skill is a plus for every business person. Do you have this skill? I guess not, because this has been your excuse for not starting that dream business of yours.

Actually, this skill can be learned. Although, some people are naturally endowed with it.

You should read books, get training, join Toastmasters International; all these would help develop your communication skills. Also, be aware that communication is both oral and written.

Believe in yourself, and you will be able to communicate your business idea to potential clients and investors.

  • “I am an introvert and introverts are bad in business”

Are you an introvert? You are not alone.

Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg are all shy and introverted but they have all built a globally successful business. 

Don’t surrender to the myth that your introversion would be a setback. Introverts are great leaders, analytical thinkers, problem solvers, and decision-makers. Capitalize on your strengths and build a great business.

It is simply your choice.

  • “I am afraid of responsibility”

Why are you afraid of taking responsibility?

The fear of responsibility is actually linked to the fear of making mistakes and be criticized or ridiculed for it.

Sometimes, people are afraid of accepting business responsibilities. But responsibility, coupled with maturity, a good attitude, and a good response is everything a good entrepreneur needs to have.

If you are afraid of taking the blame. Or you feel you are not fit to be in a position to “lead”, disregard that feeling.

Your ability to be responsible can help you become a successful business person.

Never lose faith in yourself.

  • “I am not a people person”

The ability to connect with people is a plus for any business person.

You might not be a people-person. Don’t allow this stop you.

Focus on your other strengths, including building a great product or service.

This shouldn’t be an excuse for you not to start that dream business this year.

  • “How do I get startup funding? Nigeria is a hard place”

Looking for funding for your business venture can be a major problem for aspiring entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a country with many problems but it is also a country full of opportunities.

And one of such opportunities is …

…our Nova Business Venture Grant.

The Nova Business Venture Grant

At Mentor Nigeria, we believe that by giving people access to funds that will enable them to start or grow their businesses, we can help them to transform themselves into successful entrepreneur millionaires.

We offer funding in the form of business grants to young and ambitious Nigerians who have shown the will to own a business and have demonstrated the competence to successfully manage a business and make it thrive.

We take no equity in the businesses we fund, you retain total control over the direction of your business and over your team.

Connect with these opportunities by buying your ticket for our one-day business training program tagged Opportunity Discovery Day.

2020 is your year. Get that dream business started!

Ebuka Evans

Ebuka Evans is a freelance writer. He currently studies at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka where he pursues a B.A. in English and Literary Studies.


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