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…The expert guide on how to build and run a business mentorship and consulting firm that helps small and medium size businesses grow and become successful…


What are your particular skill sets and area of core knowledge? Sales Growth Mentorship Service is all about taking the selling knowledge and skills you have gained over the years and turning them into a resource that someone would be willing to pay money for. For instance, you could use skills that you’ve used in the work and business world to provide expert advice and other forms of expertise to businesses, small and large. 

And our world is constantly changing and evolving, meaning that businesses and individuals must evolve with it. As a result of this shift, mentors have more opportunities than ever before. Hence the need for this course. 
Starting a mentorship service is easy if you learn how to rely on your knowledge, experience and some techniques. This course will provide you with the techniques and show you how to start and build a profitable sales mentorship service and sustain its growth by staying on top of trends and changes.  
What is the aim of this course? 

No matter what you do at some point you will be fed up with your boss, your work, and your corporate life. Most likely you will start thinking about having your own business – something that you can put your effort into and make great as well as profitable. Maybe, a small restaurant? Maybe, a start-up?  If you are working in professional services one of the options you should seriously consider is to start and run a mentorship firm. It can be a very profitable business and help you build other businesses on top of that, especially technological start-ups.      

In this course, we will show you how to start and run a sales mentorship business fast and efficiently.   
This course is designed to offer you the pre-requisite and the expert skills required to succeed in Sales Growth Consulting. It is based on knowledge, skills and years of experience acquired as consultants in top consulting firms in Europe and as the owner of a popular consulting firm for private schools and SMEs in Nigeria (operating for the last 15 years). We have been responsible for strategy, performance improvement, and turnarounds in many schools and services sectors that we worked for. Thanks to our versatile experience. We know the subject from all sides including the customer of consulting firms.   

Course Objectives 
Define the term “mentor” and explain their role in today’s business world 

  • Identify sales growth mentorship opportunities  
  • Create a business strategy that includes a business plan, budget, marketing plan, fee structure, and resources 
  • Identify ways to stay on top of trends and changes 
  • How to get your first customers  
  • How to manage a sales consulting firm  
  • How to expand your business into a new area and scale it  
  • The skills required for a successful mentorship engagement.  
  • Protect your work with contracts 
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