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Own a Professional School Growth Support Service & Develop into a Full-Fledge Business Consulting Firm.

Private Schools in Nigeria need the service of School Support Angels and Growth Coach!

We’ve spent more than 15 years perfecting The School Growth Coaching business model in cities across the country, working with school owners and coaches from all walks of life and myriad careers. All that work shows in our comprehensive training programs, hands-on mentorship, simplified business operations, referral-based marketing systems, and high-visibility branding. When you decide to become part of The School Growth Coach, you’re committing yourself to support our children education and help private school owners, managers and staff grow — both personally and professionally. We’re there with you at each step of the process, to provide the tools, training, develop new materials to respond to market demands, and help you grow your coaching business through professional marketing and promotional materials.

Who is a School Growth Coach?

A school Growth Coach is an individual that possesses the skills, the knowledge and the tools required to help private schools grow their enrolment, revenue, profitability and achieves significant improvement in learning outcome.

How it works

Every interested participant is expected to complete the application form, attend enrolment interview,  and if successful, complete the registration form. 

Once the registration is completed, the candidate will be invited into a 10-day start-up training program and enrolled into Mentor Nigeria ‘‘Learning Validation Project’’ for the opportunity to validate what they learn in the classroom.

Upon successful validation of their knowledge, each participant will be invited to attend the School Growth Blueprint training. On completion of blueprint training, each participant will be certified as a Nova School Growth Coach and will be given Lifetime access to Nova School Growth LaunchPad Portal where they will have unrestricted access to all the resources required to succeed as a school growth adviser-(resources such as school growth tools including training slides, growth strategies, customisable forms, continuous training modules and the road map to becoming a full-fledge business consultant). Upon achievement of all the conditions required to become a full-fledged business consultant (such as meeting the minimum level of experience, earning the minimum school growth advisory business income etc), you will be invited to attend the business consulting and deal-making process training.   


What's expected of a great school growth mentor?

First and foremost, we expect you to be ready for something great! With our exceptional management system, you’ll join over 50 other School Growth professionals who are leveraging Trenova to live their dreams.


No one will run your business like you and no one will care about the success of your business like you



Get involved in the meetings, understand the value of working together with your fellow TreNova School Growth Mentors.



Recruiting new staff will always be part of your to-do list- but the better you can retain your existing staff, the less recruiting you’ll have to do- and that means understanding your team, and making your business the place they want to come to work



Work with the TreNova School Growth Professional to keep your eyes and ears on the opportunities in your market and seek new growth opportunities.



Work with the TreNova Marketing Team to understand how to promote your business and drive customers in the doors.




You’ll hear this a lot- because it’s true. You don’t have to figure it all out on your own, that’s why you’re interested in an established system. We have a system that’s been in place for years, and we’ve put it to the test so you don’t have to.



Learn what people say about us

Working with Mentor Nigeria showed me that everything is possible

Vicent Kayode

School Growth Coach, LAGOS

Find out if school growth business opportunity is right for you

Our most successful school growth mentors have these characteristics in common:

Multi-unit ownership is common among successful TreNova School Growth Mentors because it’s one of the best ways to build a financially successful business.

and Leadership Skills

TreNova School Growth Academy wants individuals who have the desire to be their boss, understand the basics of business, are skilled at hiring and motivating staff, and appreciate the benefits of a manager-run business.

to Follow a System

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel with TreNova School Growth System. The ability to follow a system (one that has been developed and tested for 15 years, in our case) is essential for success in any business.

in Operation

Business ownership is not an absentee business. While ownership doesn’t require a daily presence in the business, TreNova School Growth business owners do need an understanding of what goes into running a great business and be engaged in business operations, marketing, community outreach and their market co-op. 

People and
Community Focused

The best TreNova School Mentors know that “doing good” for their staff is good for business. They care about their employees and customers, show kindness in big and small ways. They share their expertise with other TreNova School Growth Mentors and focus on making the TreNova School Growth brand a positive force in the private school sector and their communities.

Sales Mastery &
Continuous Professional Education Credits

Mastering of market development and customer creation process specifically designed to produce high-performance results.  Our Strategic Workshops help you meet your continuing professional education (CPE) credits required to stay up-to-date

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About us

We transform people into entrepreneur millionaires

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