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"Understand and apply concepts of customer focused selling"


This course is designed to teach the skills that enable you to become a Sales Professional and the major focus is to teach you sales and marketing skills and how to increase your lead and boost your conversion ratio. It is a state-of-art, modern sales and marketing training program that brings together the most helpful marketing ideas and sales methodologies ever developed to assist those interested in having a successful employment or entrepreneurship career. 

Ask nearly any business owner what they want most for their business, and the answer you’ll most often hear is that they want more sales. Sales and marketing is the vehicle that drives everything. Your level of Entrepreneurial Wealth is directly linked to your ability to sell and your understanding of the psychology of human influence.  

MentorNigeria Sales and Marketing Training is a new and advanced strategy to generate traffic from prospects and convert them into paying customers. Most businesses can double or triple their bottom-line profits very easily and nearly overnight by concentrating their efforts on a few key areas that are overlooked by nearly every business owner. One of the first things to consider is how to get prospects. That is people who are interested in and are willing to listen to your sales story.  But be careful here. “Leads” doesn’t necessarily mean raw new prospects from everywhere, but from targeted areas that promised the best opportunity to succeed. Once the prospects are attracted, they will need to be converted into paying customers which is where sales take over.  

The power of the course lies in its simplicity, stripped of theory and jargon, based on 15 years of selling on the street. Participants even experienced sales and marketing professionals and fresh graduates are amazed at how well the ideas taught in this course help them in launching or re-invigorate their sales and marketing career and make more sales.  

On completion of this course, you’ll be able to;  

  • Identify target markets and target audience
  • Understand the structures of effective marketing communication
  • Understand the psychology behind effective engagement
  • Write effective copy to improve existing materials
  • How to develop a marketing plan around a structured process
  • Discover how to master the fundamentals of marketing, formulate a marketing strategy, and manage your brand
  • Discover the key elements of Marketing, how to position your business correctly and learn great marketing promotional techniques.   
  • Discover how to maximize profits from market segments, position persuasive offers to your marketplace, grow business with new and existing customers and create strong brand identities.  
  • Understand the new model of selling, self-evaluation exercises, customer and client need analysis, creating sticky sales and how to become a welcome guest salesperson.

Course Objectives 
By participating in this training, you will enjoy a range of benefits, including:  

  • Improved self-esteem due to increased specialist knowledge
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Greater brand awareness
  • Increased sales
  • Improved productivity, costs savings and profitability
  • The Power to Influence: How to ethically influence people to buy your product.  
  • How to overcome objections and overcome the fear of Selling.  
  • The Power of Language – Words that Sell. With this, you will learn how a minor shift in your sales message can transform your sales by up to a 100% increase.  
  • How to communicate the importance of selling to your team. 
  • How to create a multi-step sales process within your business (This is so important yet so few people are doing it properly)
  • How to get into the salesperson’s mindset, distinguish between features and benefits and present competitive strengths.  
  • How to articulate goals, address failures, ask the right questions, add value positioning and build relationships.  
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