• First, Training Sessions, Cash Reward, Grant Awards and Donation of New Venture Take-Off Funding…

      1. Each participant will have free access to 72 hours of first class, high impact, offline professional business & career development training in addition to several hours of online training
      2. Each successful participant will earn a cash reward of N220,000
      3. The first out of 5 to earn N220,000 will receive a take-off grant of N500,000
      4. Each successful participant stand a chance to win TreNova New Venture Cash Award of N1,200,000
      5. Each successful participants of business mentor stream stand a chance of receiving referred clients from more than 10,000 TreNova Academy existing Private School clients to start their mentoring business
    • Followed by, a Vast Encyclopedic and Confidential Library of Guides, Manuals, Sheets and Forms…

The Complete Mentor Nigeria Business Mentoring & Coaching Program Encyclopedic and Confidential Library of Guides, Manuals, Sheets and Forms…

I understand that Mentor Nigeria program covers:

  1. Idealization and The Fast Track To Success System

  2. The Step-By-Step Product Development and Business Model Generation System

  3. Positioning As the Expert and Branding

  4. The Marketing 101 and Advance Selling Skill

  5. Client Generation Strategy and Social Media Marketing

  6. Business Systematization and Deal Making Process

  7. Start-up Owners’ Path to Success and The Lean Start-up

  8. Value Proposition Design, Minimum Viable Product and Value Innovation

  9. Advanced Client Conversion Strategy

  10. Use of the title: Nova Business Angel

  11. Nova Business Angel Certification

Now, the Manuals & Guides Books:

Advanced Client Generation Manual

Finding clients can be a challenge but we’ve made it easy with our two-step process:

Step 1 is ‘target marketing’. You will discover the best way to get the best types of customers/clients to serve with your product or service. This must account for your professional background, areas of expertise and market potential. The ‘My Target Market’ worksheets provide the basis in the training course to defining your market, where they are, and the optimum way to ‘cherry pick’ and get them to come to you.

Step 2 is getting their attention to want your product or service. The 4 primary marketing systems in this invaluable book are some of the most effective lead generation strategies for securing your potential customers/clients. They have been carefully designed to help you get past the gate keeper and capture the attention of the decision maker.

By implementing these powerful systems you will create a continuous flow of prospective customers/clients wanting to learn more about how you or your product can help them solve their biggest problems or meet their pressing needs.

  1. Client Conversion Manual

This is the second part of the client acquisition process and deals with the initial client meeting. It details our powerful system for transforming prospects into paying customers. Here you will find our time-tested client conversion system.

  • TreNova Sales Presentation Process. A proven, paint-by-numbers ‘sales’ track of what to say and when to say it.

  • Opening Statements.

  • Presentations

  • The Proposition.

  • Closing

  • Business Growth Tools.

  • Idea Generation and Idea into Product Process.

  1. Nova Business Model Generation and Talisman Business Mentoring Process Manual

Nova Business Model Generation System is our Value Leveraging Vehicle. It is a complete, advanced and up-to-date business development and acceleration system.

It is the ultimate ‘how to’ guide in product development and business development process… Your ‘What To Do First’ instructional manual. It is a highly confidential document that eliminates the guesswork from start-up business development process by giving you exact step-by-step details on ‘how’ to guide your new business or clients onto the express elevator to accelerated business success. This is your road map for creating quick, powerful and dramatic results that will earn you the reputation of ‘profit wizard’ among your friends or clients.

We believe that it is probably the most advanced Business Development System in the world and covers, everything you need to improve and accelerate all the steps required from idealization to product development to business model generation to sales, marketing, management, leadership and other operational development functions in a business.

You will discover how to problems and challenges into sensational money-making opportunities…

The Manual covers:

  • The REAL function of a business – Amazingly, most business owners are totally in the dark about this basic truth.

  • Why starting a business without proving the concept is NOT the best, quickest strategy to attain entrepreneurial success.

  • Your 5 point business development system to radically and rapidly improve the generation of money… NOTE: This alone can create results that are nothing short of spectacular!

  • A quick-start, 6 step action plan that all but guarantees the success of your Business.

  • Step-by-Step it helps you examine and improve every business and operational function that improves product development, business model generation, lead generation, customer conversion, increasing sales values, profitability, costs, marketing, positioning, etc.

  • Used as the handbook by the Nova Entrepreneur Millionaires around the world to assist, consult and build businesses.

  1. Business Growth Power Principles

Introducing your business to the power principles detailed in this manual will make you strategically unstoppable. These are some of the most exciting and profitable business building concepts in the World and form a fundamental part of your education as a successful Business Owner.

You won’t learn these dynamic concepts in a traditional business development or marketing courses because they are not part of the conventional business school approach taught in run-of-the-mill business books or the Universities. Instead they form part of the ‘street wise’, ‘common sense’ and ‘guerrilla tactics’ business school. These have been proven time and time again to provide your business with an ‘unfair advantage’ over your competitors. The application of this information has over the years made billions upon billions in new found profits for those businesses that took the time to learn and implement them.

  1. Start-up Owners’ Manual

The incredible strategies described in this book are some of the most potent, dynamic and rapid cash generators ever used.

The Start-up Owners’ Manual is a collection of the greatest, most effective and amazingly simple strategies that will give you a quick win in the world of business! These are action packed techniques that you can implement to immediately boost profits, turn around a poorly performing business and jump-start cash flow.

By using this amazing start-up business development bible and fast cash techniques you’ll absolutely cut your days in the wilderness of growing your business by more than 85%, increase your speed and ability to seemingly conjure money from nothing!

  1. Nova Marketing Strategies Encyclopaedia

This is your incredible encyclopaedia and handy reference guide of hundreds of tried and tested sales, marketing and profit growth strategies that you can use to help your business explode. This is your secret weapon, it is THE business growth handbook.

Each strategy is presented in capsule form and rated on a 1-5 scale according to its effectiveness. The manual also acts as ideas-generator to help you formulate a winning Action Plan. The sections include practical ready-to-go strategies on:

  • Generating more Leads and Referrals.

  • Boosting Customer Conversion Rates.

  • Increasing The Size Of Customer Transactions.

  • Boosting Profit Margins

  • Increasing The Frequency That Customers Purchase.

  • Increasing Customers’ Retention.

  1. Nova Business development Tool Box

This formidable reference book is absolutely jam-packed with invaluable worksheets, questionnaires, templates and tools to assist you in the delivering expert researched and structured growth programs for your business across all facets of development.

It has taken us years to assemble these powerful business tools, but you won’t have to waste one minute. You receive all the tools in page format within the Manual, PLUS, you will also be presented with a separate CD ROM with each individual tool ready for personalisation with your own company name and logo.

  1. Nova Business Model Generation and Systematization Manual

There is a reason why Macdonald’s have one of the most successful business models in the world. It can be summed up in one word: Systems. In a systemised business, just about anyone can do anyone else’s job because it is all laid out in clear, concise and step-by-step instructions.

This is the definitive manual to put your business on ‘auto pilot’ and free you of the drudgery of being chained to your business day in, day out. In addition, the manual outlines hundreds of ready to go systems for applying and implementing into even the most challenging situation. Your skills in business systemisation can provide you with a company that can run without you and makes it ‘investor ready’ for an early exit strategy.

  1. Nova Product Development and Deal Making Manual

The ultimate guide from idea-to-product; product-to-business model; model-to-investing and joint venturing. This revolutionary manual takes business development to new heights and a far more advanced level. Many have said that the knowledge contained in this manual is worth more than millions of naira in your bank account!

Not only is this your optimum wealth building methodology but it also utilises a very different mind-set to that used in traditional business development. No longer are you seeking ‘clients’… instead you’ll be looking for ‘partners’, alliances and joint venture opportunities to invest your entrepreneurial skills in return for optima reward and best of all; EQUITY.

  1. Winning Ads Compendium

A gigantic collection of the most effective and longest running ads in history. Irrespective of how long or how old these ads have been running, the principles behind them are timeless and are applicable today as they were when they first appeared.

This volume is a superlative idea-generator that you will use again and again for developing ads and marketing campaigns for your business that get real results.

You have to agree that this really is an encyclopaedia research, resource and reference library, and you will find it to be unsurpassed in content and value by anything else available.

But there’s even more…

  1. Compendium of Bonus Reports

The Compendium of Bonus Reports gives you a package of books and special reports that you can use as ‘ethical bribes’. They can also provide extra value to your customers or packages, or they can enhance the sale of a particular service or product. This literally adds massive financial value to your business. The booklets and reports include:

  • The Lean Start-up – How today’s entrepreneurs use continuous innovation to create radically successful businesses.

  • 26 Marketing Mistakes That Can Cripple Your Business And How To Avoid Them – He who markets well wins – and wins big!

  • The Millionaire Mind-set – The Insiders’ Action Guide To Creating Mega Wealth And Lifestyle. This report covers what really matters in wealth creation.

  • 16 Golden Rules To Immediately And Massively Grow Your Business – PLUS: 120 Brainstorming Marketing ‘Power Tools’ You Can Use Today!

  • How To Increase Your Direct Response Rate – A ‘give away’ report for your prospects and customers providing excellent and informative advice for achieving real results in direct marketing.

  • Scientific Advertising – This is a beautiful and wonderful book written in the 1920’s by famous ‘ad-man’ Claude Hopkins, the Grand Master of non-conventional business building marketing. Here is a treasure of business literature.

  • Fast Track To Success System

  • Nova Confidential Business Growth Calculator

  • Nova Business Growth Software

  • Positioning  As The Expert

  • The Marketing 101 Manual

  • Joint Venturing Manual, and much more. During the nine months course, you will receive a fantastic wealth of proprietary materials – 20 in all. These step by step guides are ‘for your eyes only’ and represent your tools of the trade.

…At this stage most people acknowledge that the question of ‘value for time has’ been well and truly answered. Their next question is usually; ‘What do I personally need to succeed?’